It’s all about the relationship…


Kaplan Business Consulting is an interdisciplinary consulting company that focuses on community, technology, behavior, and relationships.

KBC leverages years of study in relationships with expertise in technology, psychology, and communication to use information as a tool.

Despite differences of scale, the cognitive patterns that shape how individuals, companies, even cities function share remarkable similarities. Understanding the ways in which information is stored on one level provides insight into patterns that occur on other levels. We help clients at individual, organizational, and community levels integrate more effectively with other levels, communicate, craft behaviors that work towards goals, and solve problems by identifying false choices.

We augment our organizational analysis by creating custom software products and behavioral prescriptions that facilitate information processing  - our process is extremely versatile and has been used in fields as varied as grant writing and dance.

Finally, we provide insight into trends predicted by our study of the fractal nature of the way individuals, cells, and cities interact. These insights are useful in all inter-personal, inter-community, international, and other inter-organizational relations.

KBC provides business consulting services in IT, mobile software development, government relations, marketing, community planning, and education. Currently, our work mainly centers on software development project management, communication, research (economics, neuropsychology, sociology), and design work. Our clients include variety of boutique environmental services companies, schools, and non-profits.