Brendan Kaplan – Bio



Short Bio:

Brendan Kaplan is a consultant leveraging his background in technology, gestalt psychology, the arts and project management to facilitate partnership between diverse, mutually interested stakeholders. Previously, Brendan has consulted in marketing, government relations, social programming, design, and software development for a variety of clients including environmental services companies, theaters, schools, and technology companies.

As a child, Brendan was regularly tutored by professors and PH.D students of Princeton University, Caltech, and the University of Montana, attended the Princeton Regional School system, and the DeSisto School during high school. He graduated Rutgers University with a double major in Political Science and Psychology, and crafted his own line of study trying to better understand the relationship between brain development and city development. Brendan also has performed all over the country, including off-Broadway, and taught dance in NYC, LA, and New Orleans.

While working at a leading environmental asset management and government relations firm, Brendan developed the computer based GrantGrabber. GrantGrabber assists municipalities, counties, corporations, universities, non-profits, and public-private partnerships in identifying funding incentives roughly 30,000% faster than traditional search methods. GrantGrabber offers subscription based access to  industry revolutionizing database driven funding incentive search, comparison, and paperwork organization assistance.

Currently, Brendan serves the City of New Brunswick in both appointed and volunteer roles, is the Director of The Office of Innovation, and a freelance consultant. Brendan has lived in New Brunswick, NJ since 2005 and regularly travels to Missoula, MT, and the Berkshires in Massachusetts.